National Collection of
Camellia and Rhododendron.

introduced to Heligan pre. 1920.

The National Collection of Camellia and Rhododendron introduced to Heligan pre. 1920.
The Lost Gardens of Heligan, St Austell, Cornwall.
Contact details are available through the Plant Heritage National Website .

Heligan, seat of the Tremayne family for more than 400 years, is one of the most mysterious and romantic estates in England. A genuine secret garden, it was lost for decades; its history consigned to overgrowth.
There are more than 70 veteran camellias and 350 ancient rhododendrons included in the collection, which are found throughout Heligan. The earliest plantings date from around 1850. The rhododendrons and camellias of the National Collection are valuable living links to the horticultural past of the gardens and estate and play an integral role in the diverse and beautiful landscape.
Camellias in the collection include 'Althaeiflora', 'Anemoniflora', 'Auguste Delfosse', 'Eugenie de Massena', 'Fimbriata', 'Fleur Dipater', 'Gloire de Nantes', 'Lavinia Maggi' and 'Madame Martin Cachet'.
Rhododendrons include R. arboreum, R. decorum, R. falconeri, R. grande, R. griersonianum, R. niveum, R. rirei and R. sino-grande.
Maps showing the locations of the Camellia and Rhododendron collection in the garden can be borrowed by visitors and an archive of research and photographs can be viewed in the Heligan Shop.

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