National Collection of

The National Collection of Echeveria , including Pachyphytum, x Pachyveria, x Graptoveria and Graptopetalum.
Held at a private garden near Falmouth.
Contact details are available through the Plant Heritage National Website .

The National Collection of Echeveria is housed in a poly-tunnel and a greenhouse in a private garden.
Echeveria is a large genus in the family Crassulaceae native to Mexico, Central America and northwestern South America. They are attractive, drought resistent succulents generally grown as pot plants because they need to be kept free of frost. In parts of Cornwall they are hardy in an unheated greenhouse where they can be kept dry through the winter.
There are a large number of selected cultivars and hybrids between species are common. They also form intergeneric hybrids with Graptopetalum and Pachyveria, many of which are represented in the collection.
Please contact the collection holder through the national Plant Heritage office.

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National Collection of Echeveria.
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